A shell appears...

Hey Everyone!

Today has been a mixed bag. I couldn't get the brackets for the new drive motors yesterday and forgot to take one with me today so I couldn't get a set of brackets for them. I did get some flat brackets which may be suitable but I need to check them out.

Whilst rummaging in a popular DIY store today, I found something that inspired me and ended up purchasing a steel storage basket. Its pretty flimsy on its own but it is the right size for the base and is rounded rather than a box so looks just that little bit better. It is fairly tall now but I am willing to live with that.

You'll note the drive wheel at a jaunty angle. That is the broken wheel. :(

The weapon was another disaster. I bought a heavy castor wheel as a basis to attach the blades on to but upon dismantling the wheel from the base, the inside fell out, revealing the bearings. The sleeve is too small for the weapon motor shaft and the hole left over where the bearings are is too big. So I decided to get the weapon at least built using a wooden bar from one of the prototypes of The Honey Badger and use the existing right angled brackets to get the weapon working.

I also bought, as alluded to before, 4x flat brackets. Two are going to be fashioned into chisel type weapons to ram into the sides of other robots and the other two were meant to fit onto the castor wheel. I'll see if they will attach to the base and if they do and attach to the drive wheels, the next big thing is to get the The Honey Badger going again. ;)

Seeya all soon!

Written by Ocracoke - 60