Building robots is dangerous...

Hey Everyone!

Today was the first day I've truly been scared by the robot. Let me explain.

Last time I updated, I had completed the bar of the weapon. Today, I attached the blades to it and then drilled out a hole for the bar to attach to the motor with. By the time it was all said and done, it looks tiny and doesn't extend very far out of the bodywork.

Honestly, the thing is sub 20cm long. I then attached the bar, took The Honey Badger outside and after fiddling with clearences, turned the weapon on.


After the sparks (which I confess to being a little proud of), I decided to see how vicious the weapon was. So I grabbed a cardboard box and placed it near the weapon. I also decided to jack the robots front up to try and get around the clearance issue. Before I turned it on again, I had the legend that is Jonathan Pearce's voice in my head saying this...


For all you kiddies out there, he used to say that at the end of every episode of the classic Robot Wars program and after today, I'll be sure to remind you all of this as well.

Well... darn. I think what happened was that the robot being jacked up + the vibration of the weapon caused it to hit the concrete, pulling the arm down and causing it to fly off. I'll need to work on a pin or something to prevent this happening again.

On the plus side, I know that the weapon, in principle, works and is going to be fairly targeted at disabling other competitors. I also know that the brackets I bought for the drive motors almost fits OOTB! Just need to adjust the holes in the motor's gearbox so they fit flush and add some support to the underside of the robot to allow the brackets to fit properly.

Seeya all soon and remember...


Written by Ocracoke - 61