Drive motors attached

Hey Everyone!

The drive motors are now attached and working. The existing drilled holes in the motor's gearbox was widened to take some roofing bolts (fun times with a drill) and then I glued the offcuts of wood to the base to extend the reach down a little bit so the two screwholes in the brackets can be used to attach the motors to the base securely. The base extensions I may yet use some nail pins to pin it into place as well if I think it is needed but hey, seems fairly secure with the glue as it is. The silver lines on the base is where the old cordless drill motors used to be.

The drive motors run through a reduction gearbox as I've said before and at full power seems to have enough drive to move the robot fully laden (I hope). The video below is of one of the motors using the weapon battery (the smaller one). The drive battery packs a bigger punch.

Tomorrow is all about getting the right battery connectors and wheels. I want The Honey Badger mobile tomorrow.

Seeya all on the net!

Written by Ocracoke - 62