All change!

Hey Everyone!

So the last few days have been... interesting. I got the new drive motors but all the wheels I had were not big enough. I eventually picked up some wheelbarrow wheels but the internal diameter for the axle was too small for the shaft. I've tried widening it but I made a right mess of it and to cut a long story short, the big base + electric window motors will be retired until the next project.

So I decided to resurrect the original prototype and use that instead. It is smaller (33cm long!) but it moves fine on the cordless drill motors and is actually fairly quick. So a quick U turn came around and...

The Honey Badger lives again!

A video of it attempting to move around...

and finally The Honey Badger as I left it for the night.

The plan is to submit the application to Robot Wars by the end of the month, so now that it moves for a fairly reasonable amount of time, the next things to do are to mount the weapon, move the battery to the centre of the motors, fireproof it, install the removable links and build/adapt a shell (I have a plan for that). Featherweight victory will be mine! :D

Seeya all on the net!

Written by Ocracoke - 63