Nearly there

Hey Everyone!

Today was all about getting the shell fixed to the frame but yesterday (Christmas day no less!) was about fireproofing and generally getting The Honey Badger rebuilt so that it works better.

So at about 11pm, I disassembled the Badger and set to work...

The board that all the electronics sits on was wrapped up in Aluminium tape for fireproofing and strength. The Pine wood frame was also wrapped as well for good measure.

Part of the reason for doing this was to rearrange the electronics and batteries so that there is less of a chance of the weapon motor knocking into them (and so there is more space in the shell for stuff). The drive motors were also repositioned to be in the centre of the robot so that it can be turned in its own axis. That does mean, of course, my side chisel weapons are effectively useless because there is less whack in them so I may change the position of them. The other purpose of doing this is that, with the new position of the castor wheels, the robot effectively kneels forwards so the bar weapon becomes lower. The flip side, of course, is that the rear is higher up, so I may move the chisels to the back.

So today, I got the holes bored out to allow the screws to hold the shell to the frame. Domes are awful shapes to do this with because they deflect a lot of the whack but of course that does mean it will be more shock absorbing when hit with by an opponent. I also don't have a vice to hold it in place so back out in the garden with the broken paving stones again...

With the four holes punched in and test fitted, the last thing I did today was to paint the robot shell and weapon. Going for a blood red on the screwheads and weapon tips and a base white on the shell itself. There are a few little details to highlight on the shell which will make The Honey Badger more interesting to look at.

Seeya all tomorrow!

Written by Ocracoke - 65