New Year, new (re)build

Hey Everyone!

So after the submission and saying I wouldn't make major changes... I may have to rescind that.

The Motors

The robot is OK but the drive motors are a bit weak as they are direct drive to the wheels, as in no gearbox between them. That is fine if I was entering the Beetleweight class (up to 1.5kg at the time of writing) but in the Featherweight class, it rather limits the robot somewhat so I went and invested in a pair of 12v motors that come with a gearbox attached, which should significantly help mobility as they will have more torque behind them.

The Chassis

I also decided to build them on a new chassis. The one currently in the The Honey Badger is getting worn out with all the experimentation. Luckily, the frame used is readily available so after a bit of a mix up originally, I added in some flat steel brackets to strengthen the chassis. I also kept the horizontal bars as the motors will sit in the middle of these on the vertical frames so it will be less vulnerable to a side slam than the old frame was.


Tada! This time around, rather than use metal strapping, I decided to use some proper metal brackets to mount the motor. Note that I used two brackets in that photo but found it better on one bracket as below

The previous chassis had the motors mounted underneath the robot which mean a ground clearance of 45mm at best, which one of my friends described as a chasm. The new mounting position means that the whole robot now drops to the deck. At its lowest point, the robot has barely a millimetre of clearance. I've ordered some ball bearing castors to go on the front and back so it is rolling on something rather than dragging on the ground.

I then got on and started the wiring. Rather than use connector blocks, which I was never truly enamoured by, I got some proper electrical connector plugs and more soldering ensued. It is pretty unfinished at the moment but here we go:

One thing I found was that the motor wouldn't spin if I had the bolt really tight in. Slackening it a little bit finally allowed it to spin (though the noise it is making I would think it need a bit of lubrication). I reused some old wheels and bored out the hole to fit the spindle but made a hash of it so they are wobbly as anything, glued them on as lightly as I could and then tried it. It moved 30 cm but then the torque of the motor slackened the bolt so it was slapping around on the single bracket. I need to reinstate the second one to add more stability and get a washer on to stop itself undoing. ;)

Seeya all on the net!

Written by Ocracoke - 68