Rebuild underway

Hey Everyone!

The rebuild of the Honey Badger is well underway and almost time to mount the shell on the chassis. The wiring is one of the bigger changes on the robot. The original prototype uses one battery to drive both motors which saves on weight but it means a bigger drain on the single battery and the robot is more prone to failing because of the single connection to the battery. In the rebuild, there are two batteries where one battery powers one wheel. That does mean more weight and more wiring to look after but it does mean the drain isn't present and the wiring per wheel is actually simpler. The use of the plugs and more soldering means the wiring is reliable as well.


The motor managed to break free of its mount last time I posted. I must have had foresight because I bought 4 of the L-Shaped bars so I mounted another one on the side of the motor which I know I said was better on the one but I managed to get the second bars to locate properly this time.

The next problem I had was the bolts to hold the motor in place. The ones I had bought were 25mm long and when fully bedded into the gearbox, it fouls on the gears and locks it up. Not good. I had tried using nuts on the bolts to space it out a little but it was still pretty bad. However, I have a whole bunch of motherboard screws from my last computer rebuild and they use the same width threads so I got a couple of those and hallelujah, it fits perfectly and they have flared heads to spread the load out.


So with the wiring done, I got to testing the robot. As you can see, the chassis needs some hardboard or something to mount the battery onto but it effectively works. The wheels are from the old prototype with the centre holes bored out to 6mm. Unfortunately, I screwed up drilling it and they go on at an angle which means it struggles occasionally to move. I have a new set but I don't have easy access to a pillar drill - may need to ask a member of the family to drill them out.

With the drive now done, my attention turned to the weapon. The weapon will remain the same but I need to get a tap and die on the shaft to get a pair of nyloc nuts on it to hold the blade on it. The weapon motor was powered by on the of the 1.2aH batteries previously but now is powered by a 2.1ah battery which is mounted within the chassis by the motors.

I still need to address how to get the shell on the robot. The horizontal bars slightly fouls the shell when attempted to be put on and have already tried filing it down to fit. So the quickest option is to simply cut a inch or so off the rounded edges off the bars so that that they still protect the wheels but doesn't meet the edge of the shell. The bars will still work as defence against side impacts, just that the shell will bend a little ;). More seriously, I need to address the removable link and power light issue.

The things to do

The chassis needs the holes drilled in to get the shell to attach the chassis to (least I don't need to drill the holes in the shell - that is a pain). However, as alluded to, the removable link needs repositioning. On the prototype, it is mounted on the underside of the robot because the ground clearance allows for it (45mm remember) but on the new chassis, there is simply no ground clearance (save a millimetre) so you can't mount the link there. I'll need to get a hole saw to bore a hole into the shell to get access to the link.

The power light (a requirement for the FRA) can be easily addressed as I have a LED strip light from a car project I did a few years ago. That should be fairly simple as that already is a 12v voltage but I'll need to retain the transformer to make sure it doesn't burn out.

Seeya all on the net!

Written by Ocracoke - 69