Once again moving about!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday I got the shell mounted to The Honey Badger in the same fashion as the old chassis has it mounted. With virtually no ground clearance, it really looks... weird.

Really does need some googly eyes on the shell with a black bottom 2/3rds. To give an idea of just how low it is now, the shell is only marginally up on the chassis:

So that is done now. :D Here is a beauty shot of the robot with the shell off where the wiring has been tided up.

Today was the first time the robot had been driven in anger. The lack of the ball bearing castors means I had to use some stick on fuzzy felt to stop it gouging the floor and that increases the resistence on the floor but other than that, seems to be moving fairly well.

Seeya all on the net!

Written by Ocracoke - 70