I hate domes, I hate domes...

Hey Everyone!

As the title suggests, I loathe domes. Seriously, I hate domes. Domes suck. The shape of a dome means there are only certain places you can put stuff on the frame otherwise the shell grounds out on it when you attempt to put it down over the frame.

I tried putting the weapon battery in the frame today. Originally nestled the motors, I found the weapon motor grounds out on it when I attempt to put the shell down. OK, so I placed it at the back of the robot. Nope, the shell touches on it.

In the end, I took all the wiring off and set about placing the weapon battery.

Once done, I found I still couldn't get the shell on. So I ground down the holes in the shell with a bit of filing on the frame and now seems to clear OK now. I then had to make some wiring changes as the wiring loom was too big to fit comfortably. After a bit of work, here is the wiring as it is:

Next thing to do is extract the wiring from the prototype and get it wired up here which really shouldn't take long. I've ordered a tap and die set to cut a thread on the weapon motor to get the blade mounted on some nyloc nuts.

Written by Ocracoke - 71