Now back to where we were before...

Hey Everyone!

Today I got the weapon wired into the new frame. I also tied up the loose wires around the frame into bundles so at least it looks a little neater. You can just make out the relay switch on the side of the big battery on the right. I tested the switch under load when the motors were moving and yes, it stays on!

I then made sure the shell fits over the frame with all the goodies on and thankfully it does. So I grabbed the lawnmower blade I am planning to use and finally am able to get some photos of what the rebuilt robot should look like.

The lawnmower blade is 38cm long which is a little shorter than before but they do point slightly downwards for better reach on lower robots. Once my tap and die set arrive, the motor shaft will have a thread cut into it and the lawnmower blade will be locked onto the shaft with M10/M12 nyloc nuts (the measurement keeps on changing, I've yet to work that one out!).

Tomorrow I'll be demoing the robot at a club I go to. Of course, they are not going to allow a sharp metal blade in so that will be replaced with a cardboard stand-in. Once the real blade has been secured onto the motor shaft, next thing to do is recreate the removable links and then work on a LED light to signal the robot is active. I actually had a idea about that this evening so that may not be as hard as I originally thought. When all of that is done... I'll have a proper, no kidding fighting robot to compete with. That is a weird thought. ;)

Seeya all soon!

Written by Ocracoke - 72