[The Honey Badger] Weapon nearly ready and other things...

Hey Everyone!

The Honey Badger

Progress on the The Honey Badger has been relatively slow. The weapon motor shaft has been ground down to be smoother but I may replace the motor all together, I have qualms over the reliability and weight of the motor. I did get a machined wheel hub to attach the blade onto and the seller of the hub also sells some tasty looking motors so it may transpire that one of those are used. The rest of the robot needs painting and a link/light adding but otherwise is ready for combat, certainly for some underground matches anyway. ;)

The Heavyweight robot

So I've decided, perhaps unwisely, to start planning the heavyweight. I know the specifications of what I want to achieve but this requires some careful planning. I am settled on 4-wheel drive for this one resting on a polycarbonate base. Of course, you can't use bog standard RC car speed controllers because of the voltages/amperages in use so new controllers are required as well.

I've been watching Battlebots, Robotica and the original Robot Wars (1994 - 1997) series as well recently. Especially with Battlebots, the difference in the robots between the UK and the US is quite evident. I'd like to think The Honey Badger would do OK over there. With that said, I confess I prefer the Las Vagas Pay per View event (in 1999!) to the normal TV series, including the ABC reboot as that was a fairly simple tournament in a single sitting. I will confess that robots such as Biohazard and Vlad the Impaler have influenced my heavyweight designs.

In the future, any posts I'll do will have a [robot name] in the title to denote which robot is being talked about though this is not a hard and fast rule.

Seeya all on the net!

Written by Ocracoke - 73