[The Honey Badger] Weapon broken - again

Hey Everyone!

Well I went testing after making some fixes to the chassis rails to allow for a little extra clearance in moving around. The weapon was spinning up nicely so I broke out the computer case again. I've got some videos of it but I've not had a chance to work on it.

However, photos galore.

This side of the case looks rather beat up, doesn't it? Ignore the gouge, that was from a previous test.

This side looks... OK apart from the scratches and the dents from a big hit.

And this side is much the same. First whack popped the power button out of the hole though.

However.. I noticed the arm was off centre and then checked underneath the shell....

Oops. Its a temporary mounting plate to adapt to the old motor mounting holes but it seems it couldn't cope with the pounding. Still, the arm held out and the robot kept on moving so that is a plus. :D

Seeya all on the net!

Written by Ocracoke - 76