[The Honey Badger] Suuuuugggaaarrr

Hey Everyone,

So this evening I fitted a cover to the removable link hole and presumed the robot was finished. I then saw a guide from a school on how to build a robot and a flash of doubt crossed my mind about where the removable link was on the wiring.

The rules say this:

Robots must incorporate a way of removing all power to weapons and drive systems (systems that could cause potential human bodily injury) that can be activated easily without endangering the person turning it off.
Removable Link
The main power cut off MUST be a removable link, which must NOT be in place unless the robot is in the arena or under the supervision of a technician. A key or switch is not allowed. 

Now... it wasn't specific to me as to where on the wiring it should be. Of course, having asked the question, the response was "it must be immediately after the battery" and that makes sense, if the RC controls are damaged, removing the link might have no effect on the power delivery. Now this means a night or two with the soldering iron, which might be no bad thing considering it needs a bit of a tidy up anyway. ;)

In more positive news, Grantham is now confirmed, just need to book a hotel and pack the tools. :D

Seeya all on the net!

Written by Ocracoke - 80