[The Honey Badger] Specifications

Hey Everyone - this page will serve as a placeholder until the team site is finished. The information will then be ported to there.

These is the official specification for The Honey Badger. Each major iteration of the robot is given a number though this isn't specified in the name of the robot (it is always The Honey Badger) and can be found in the tables below.

Competed in

Please note, the number of Wins, Draws and Losses are counted only if a winner is declared in the match in a FRA compliant competition. Typically, this does not include exhibition matches or any underground matches.
Date Event Version used Battle Type(s) Wins/Losses/Draws
October 2017 Robots Live! Stevenage 2 ? ?
August 2017 Robo Challenge - FRA Featherweight Internationals 2017 1 2 Withdrawn Withdrawn
July 2017 Robots Live! Grantham 1 Exhibition Melee N/A

1 - Withdrawn from competition before it began due to scheduling conflict.


General specification

Version Speed Power Drive motors Weight (category) Dimensions (l x w x h) Armour
2 ~ 15mph 2x 6.6v 2.1ah 30/40c LiFePO4 batteries (wired in series) 2x 13.7:1 12v motors 8kg (Featherweight) 56cm x 37cm x 23cm 10mm HDPE plastic + 40mm wooden crossmembers
1 7mph (max) 2x 12v 1.2ah Sealed Lead Acid batteries (wired independently) 2x geared 12v motors 5.9kg (Featherweight) 36cm x 36cm x 22cm Aluminium + reinforced wooden chassis

Weapon specification

Version Primary Weapon Primary Weapon drive Primary Weapon weight (per FRA rules) Primary Weapon speed
2 Sharpened side chisels N/A N/A As fast as the robot can spin
1 Horizontal wooden bar + lump flail 13.7:1 motor @ 12v 1.36kg (motor + bar) 1022rpm

Written by Ocracoke - 82