[The Honey Badger] Rebuild underway

Hey Everyone!

After the destruction of The Honey Badger at Grantham, the robot's replacement parts are coming together. The replacement parts are the following:

The only part that is coming out of the original Badger is the Remote Controller system, a Carson Reflex Stick 2 RS2 transmitter and receiver.

One side of the HDPE arrived last week and following a bit of consideration, I've decided to go for a more traditional wedge shape design which, when done, will rather look like Knightmare/Spirit of Knightmare in shape but the drive wheels will be externally mounted rather than inboard. This is because the width of the body is only 25cm so with the wheels externally mounted (and a protective brace around them), it'll more be like 30cm wide. The weapon is still to be decided but I suspect it will be another spinning bar blade, this time made of out of Steel.

The drive wheels are a bit of a faff. I've got some with me now but it occurred to me that I can't really use them until I know how high off the ground the Badger will be with the newly mounted motors though I expect it will not be very high at all.

Seeya all soon!

Written by Ocracoke - 84