[The Honey Badger] Shell together

Hey Everyone!

Good news! The shell and chassis members are together! Well, almost, I need to get the side panels cut and fitted but the top, chassis board and the rear are now screwed together, feels much more solid than the old shell.

I know I said I wouldn't use wood in the rebuild but this wood is a stiffer variety than the pine used in the last one and it is 4cm thick whereas the old chassis was 2cm thick at best (in places, it was 1cm thick!).

Next thing to do is grind the motor mounts so the motors are fixed to the chassis board and then the internal wiring sorted out, which shouldn't take too long provided I don't screw up anything. The wheels arrived as well but need mounting holes to the hubs drilling so that will be the next immediate task before the motor mounts are adapted to make fit. If I keep at it tomorrow, I might have it running by Wednesday.

Sadly, it looks like I am not going to Birmingham as I've not heard back from them. A shame but that means more time to get the robot ready before Robots Live! in Stevenage (I know there are other events in the meantime but Stevenage is the one I am aiming for at the moment). Fingers crossed.

Written by Ocracoke - 85