[The Honey Badger] Blown batteries

Hey Everyone!

Wednesday was a bit of a nightmare. Took the Badger back to the community centre to make sure the adjustments I made to the rear panel means it won't jack itself any more and it refused to turn on. Point blank said no. Took it back home to make sure the batteries were charged, both report as being full.

At first, I thought it was the RC receiver but I decided to use one of the original batteries from the original Badger and it now works again. No idea why, just is (something gone wrong in the other batteries I suspect). Did delay me working on it though. :(

Been working on the weapon today. The reciprocating spear (which was a windscreen wiper linkage) is now pretty much done though it could do with a bit of length adjustment. I'll see about mounting the windscreen wiper motor and associated gubbins at some point next week. Side panels will hopefully be measured and cut this weekend if I can borrow a jigsaw and workbench. And now here is a video of it running around the kitchen taking on some cardboard boxes to see how speedy it was in a confined space.

Written by Ocracoke - 87