[The Honey Badger] Just about ready

Hey Everyone!

Updates have been a little thin on the ground I know but The Honey Badger is practically finished bar the weaponry. The power light is installed and the removable links are soldered up and now installed into the robot. This does technically mean that the The Honey Badger is now FRA compliant and thus can compete in FRA sanctioned matches, which I am both pleased and somewhat annoyed with as with the robot now not going to Insomnia, there is no technical reason as to why it couldn't go. Bah.

Never mind, there is always car park fights, isn't there? :D

There is a lot of snaggy things to clean up anyway, like installing the metal stripping to clean up the look of the panels. The big one is the weapon. The windscreen wiper motor burnt out so I've been considering using a custom cam and arm with a faster motor. However, I am not sure if the spear will work in combat so I need to have a good think about it. Certainly there will be spike/chisel type side arms but I do like the idea of a "underpuncher" so... lets see.

I'll be getting the original shell of The Honey Badger back in business as well with the original drive motors and the test chassis for a fight with its successor so that will be interesting... ;) If, if I feel inclined, I might get that FRA compliant but I don't think that will happen any time soon, I rather like it as it is.

Seeya all on the net!

Written by Ocracoke - 88